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Ongoing research into humanity and how it thinks. Containing information about an unknown Picasso drawing, thoughts on ancient languages, speculations on the origins of civilisation, and some of the author's digital artwork.

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*The Picasso Conspiracy...

Brainstorm - by Bryan Talbot, published 1982 Alchemy Publications ISBN 0 9508487 0 0Picasso's Unknown Masterpiece

Several years ago, a drawing came to light after a house clearance sale.

Subsequent investigation seems to indicate it was executed by Pablo Picasso in 1934. This is an analysis of the investigation and other research which is ongoing, with the aim of proving the drawing's authenticity.


July 2008
The Picasso Drawing is for sale, along with other items of interest. Please see the sale catalogue for details.

October 2006
Britannica iGuide logoThis site is now an Encyclopedia Britannica "iGuide" website.

June 2004
Revised version of the main Picasso site is now available
(The original will remain in place at its current address as an archive.)

Picasso's Black Painting

Designed and built by Mark Harris, this subsite is a feast of images from the drawing. There are versions in English, French, Portugese, German and Dutch. Enjoy!


Brainstorm - by Bryan Talbot, published 1982 Alchemy Publications ISBN 0 9508487 0 0
Visit the Official Bryan Talbot Website

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Stuff I think about when I'm not working. Often a bit incoherent, kind of an ideas drawer to put things that - you never know - you might need some day. Coincidence, ancient technology, that kind of thing :-)


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Solar X-rays: Status
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