The Picasso Conspiracy

The Picasso Conspiracy

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It is a little known fact that the origin of Pablo Picasso's Guernica lies in a secretive drawing that was executed in 1934 and which re-surfaced in England in the 1970s.

This previously unknown work contains the widest range of themes of all known Picassos and has been signed, dated and fingerprinted by the artist. Yet since its discovery, the Picasso museums and the Picasso Administration under the direction of Claude Picasso have refused access to fingerprinted materials that could prove it genuine.

A number of well known scholars close to the Picasso Estate have also been brushing aside or denying the attribution when communicating with the media. Regardless of what they may say, the drawing's authenticity can be proven one way or the other, but this may never happen unless Claude Picasso and those under his influence allow access to fingerprinted items under their control.


July 2008
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