Hello there!

The content of this static HTML website has been online since 1996 (some bits dating back to 1994 under a different URL) and there comes a point when maintaining it becomes a chore.

The content's all still here, should you want to view it.

Some parts are still relevant, others aren't. Some of it's ludicrous nonsense.

Here's a list of where I'm more likely to be found updating stuff these days:

I suspect that in another 15 years, there will still be the same proportion of relevance, irrelevance and ludicrous nonsense in my content.

I regard that as a good thing :-)

On the remote offchance that you find something useful here, you'll make me laugh out loud at the irony if you buy a badge, a T-shirt or a coffee mug.

Finally, always remember to be nice to your technology - what have you done for it recently?

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