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*Ancient Egypt


Djedankhra"Come on and... hop, hop, come and do the Kangaroo hop, hop, it's the dance for me and you; if you're over eighty you can waltz a little while, but hopping around the parlour is the very latest style..."

Suppose there's more to it, after all.

A new interpretation of the symbolism behind Egyptian hieroglyphs.

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The Human Circadian Rhythm

If the Earth goes round once every 23 hours and 56 minutes, how come our internal body clocks are synchronised to 24 hours and 30 minutes?

*Megalithic Sites

The Keys to the Temple, David Furlong

David's book maintains that two 12 mile diameter circles are laid out on the Marlborough Downs in England, their circumferences defined by tumuli, churches and megalithic sites. Here are photographs of those sites, and their GPS coordinates.



The 1998 Mars Global Surveyor pictures have been greeted with acclaim by all camps in the debate over the artificiality or not of the feature known as the "Face on Mars". The technical achievement on the part of NASA and the other organisations involved is stunning, and I'd like to thank them for providing this excellent data freely via the Internet.

But are the people gleefully pointing out that it's just a bunch of weirdly eroded rocks closer to the truth than they think? What shape were those rocks before they were eroded? Was it a weird shape perhaps...?

Take a look at what happens if you correct for the inclined attitude of the MGS spacecraft, and rotate the images in 3D...

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