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*Why 'web'?

Freewheelin'A few years ago, as the World Wide Web began to really take off and I found myself giving out URLs to sites more and more often, I was struck by the inelegance of the abbreviation 'www'.

Let's face it, to say 'www' you need to use 6 more syllables than the phrase that 'www' represents - World Wide Web.

'Wub Wub Wub'?

...'doubleyew doubleyew doubleyew' (9 syllables), 'triple-dub' (3 syllables), 'hexyew' (obscure), 'wuh wuh wuh' (just daft)...

Sheesh, we were all beginning to sound like a convention of technologically hip Elmer Fuds ('Ooh, dat wascally website...').

What a tangled Web...

So in 1996 I decided to register web.org.uk, just for my own convenience. The reaction kind of varies - some people seem to miss the point and try www.web.org.uk - but most seem to appreciate the concept at least.

Go on, next time you're setting up a webserver just consider using 'web' in preference to 'www' as the prefix for your domain, if you're going to use one. Your tongue will thank you for it ;-p


Other Web sites

web.dot, not wubwubwubDave Yost's site at http://www.yost.com/Misc/nix-on-www.html is running a similar campaign. Be sure to check it out.

Colin Reynolds' also has a site devoted to this idea at http://web.webdot.org.uk

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